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We’re an online club which is a hub for boaties. No membership, no sign-ups, just a relaxing place to moor your time, raft up and catch up on the scuttlebutt around some important aspects of boating. We’re inclusive – both power and sail boat owners and owner-aspirants are all welcome.

Buying a boat is on many people’s wish list and/or bucket list. For those who already own a boat, most are already looking to their next purchase or at least keeping up with new releases, the latest models, reviews and chatter around the marina or yacht club. The search for the boat of your dreams can be an exciting experience in itself. Getting around to marinas and boat yards, attending the boat shows, on-board inspections, on-water trials and checking reviews – it can be tough to make that final decision but the process can be very enjoyable. If you’re in the marine industry, buying a new vessel involves a lot more number-crunching, business considerations and weighing up the options.

What can be less enjoyable is sourcing a loan to buy the boat. Whether you’re a business or an individual buying a boat for pleasure and recreation, organising your boat finance can be confusing, time-consuming and at times, infuriating. To assist you, we’re bringing some clarity to boat finance. We’ve drawn on the expertise of people we know that operate in the financial services sector to bring you a concise, clear and comprehensive overview of boat finance and insurance.


Hiring a boat can be a good way to ‘try before you buy’ or as an alternative to actually buying your own boat. Boat rentals and charters are available from many locations both in major cities, in holiday hot spots and especially in the idyllic Whitsundays. What’s involved in renting or chartering a boat?


Insuring your valuable boat is a no-brainer. If you take out a loan to purchase, the lender is highly likely to make an insurance policy conditional to the finance. Sourcing the right policy requires time and consideration. READ MORE


Boat loans for private buyer and marine finance for business are available from many banks and lenders. The types of loans offered differ for personal and business buyers. To maximise your boating pleasure and/or the cost-effectiveness of your working boat, you will want to achieve the cheapest boat loan possible. How do you do that? READ MORE


The boat buying process usually involves browsing boat sales and boat builder websites, visiting boat yards and marinas to create your wish list. With the determining factor for many people being price, or more specifically how much per month their boat loan would be. So it makes sense that you would like at least a rough estimate on what monthly repayments would be on each boat while you’re checking out the features and condition. Good news. That is possible with an online boat finance calculator. READ MORE